Monday, 23 May 2011

Getting angrier by the minute!

This afternoon, I opened my emails at County Hall to find a "media briefing" sent out all councillors on behalf of Cornwall Council leader Alec Robertson.

Listed under “positive news” is the Council’s failure to defend its decision not to build a massive 240,000 tonne incinerator at St Dennis.

Positive news for who? It is certainly not positive news for me or the people of the China Clay Area!

Graham Smith of the BBC has beaten me to the blog entry on this. He writes: “Prepared by the council's press office, the document is helpfully divided into lists of "positive news" and "negative news," and as long as the former outnumber the latter then Cornwall's Tribunes can rest easy, secure in the knowledge that the bosses know what they're doing. But - gadzooks! - don't these lists look rather subjective? For example, the decision of the Secretary of State to approve the St Dennis waste incinerator is only good news if you don't actually live in St Dennis. And, er, the official policy of the council (as set out at a £1million+ public inquiry) is still to oppose the St Dennis incinerator.”

Getting angrier by the minute …

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