Wednesday, 18 May 2016

So-called "eco-community" to be considered at The Examination in Public tomorrow

It has been a long day, which I spent at the Atlantic Hotel in Newquay where the Cornwall Local Plan is being examined by a Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State.

After yesterday’s proceedings, at which the overall housing target (and the so-called “objectively assessed need”) were debated, today included consideration of the distribution of housing across Cornwall and in the various Network Areas.

It is fair to say that the numerous representatives of large house-building firms and landowners were very vocal in seeking an uplift in housing numbers generally and more specifically in those areas where they had interests.

I however used much of the day to prepare for tomorrow’s hearing, when I will be speaking in opposition to the so-called “eco-community” planned for land near Penwithick.

Wish me luck!

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Viv BroaDhurst said...

You'll need luck judging by the treatment of people (non-developers) on the previous days! I wish you well.