Friday, 20 May 2016

Report on day 5 at the EiP: affordable housing policies

Today’s deliberations at Newquay’s Atlantic Hotel included a morning session which covered the Council’s proposed affordable housing policies.

Sadly, the basis of much of the discussion was dictated by the recent Appeal Court decision to allow central government to re-introduce a threshold of ten housing units, below which affordable housing could not be sought (except in certain rural areas where the threshold would be five).

Once again, local policy is being undermined by the actions of central government.

One local contributor at the EiP noted that it was telling how, earlier in the week, developers and their representatives had argued that the need for affordable housing was a key justification for an uplift in housing numbers. But today, these same individuals were, with breathtaking double-standards, arguing for lower affordable housing targets and the inevitable delivery of less local needs housing. 

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Edwina Cousins said...

Is it possible for someone to have this looked into by some form of standards committee? Surely this cannot be allowed to happen. Nobody wants it except for these developers. Is it possible to refuse to work with the devolution package, or is it too late?