Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Cornwall for Sale? ... YourKidsFutureCornwall

A full page advert was placed in today’s Cornish Guardian by a group calling itself YourKidsFutureCornwall. I understand that similar adverts will be appearing in the Cornishman and West Briton newspapers tomorrow.

YourKidsFutureCornwall describes itself as a “group of dedicated people that are passionate about protecting Kernow from the developer's onslaught that it is currently seeing. We can't do it alone, we need the help and support of the peoples of Kernow.”

It is a telling intervention at this time and shows the growing frustration that many people feel about what is happening in Cornwall today. I have seen it described as the “most outspoken expression of grassroots concern seen in decades!”

I believe it is incumbent on everyone who cares about the future of Cornwall, to be active in local affairs.

So have a read, look at the website – – and join in the debate and have your say.

As the leader of MK, I would also appeal to one and all to become active in the Party for Cornwall. It is easy to join – just go to the website at

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Neville said...

sewerage & traffic Sewerage is at it's limit in Crantock and the Parish Council still are in favour of building more homes which are not affordable to locals and stop saying that the average wage is X tell it how it is that the majority of locale take home pay is between £10.000 & £12.000 per annum