Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Letter of support in the Cornish Guardian

Many thanks to Julie Fox for her letter of support for MK’s work and our continuing opposition to the so-called eco-community. If you haven’t seen it, her letter was as follows:

I was extremely disappointed to read the editorial in last week’s Cornish Guardian, which gave support to the eco-town near St Austell. 

I cannot understand why the Guardian would prefer to support the interests of large businesses, rather than the 1,000 people who have opposed the development.

Why is it that, whatever local people say, these large housing schemes always seem to have a momentum of their own?

I also seem to remember that during the general election, local candidates for MP of all political colours were falling over each other to show their opposition to the eco-town: but when Clay Country councillors Dick Cole and Matt Luke tried to get the eco-town removed from the Local Plan, their initiative was only supported by Mebyon Kernow councillors and a handful of independents.

It is a disgrace that the larger political parties have gone against when they said during the election. Where is the democracy in this?