Monday, 18 January 2016

FIRST KERNOW: Bus services for Summercourt village … UPDATE

Since the open meeting in Summercourt's New Memorial Hall in late summer, I have been in regular contact with Alex Carter of First Kernow about the continuing lack of bus services linking Summercourt to Truro.

He has been assessing the various options, exploring how he could divert either the 90 or 93 services to serve the village. I understand that it is his view that it is not possible to redirect the 93 service (which also goes through Indian Queens / Fraddon and Mitchell) throughout the day, because of the impact on timings. He is instead proposing to mainly use the 90 service for a new Summercourt service.

I have received the following update from Mr Carter, who would also like to apologise that it has taken him longer than he intended to come back with a proposal to serve the village. His message is as follows:

Following our pledge to restore a regular frequency bus link between Summercourt and Truro, we have examined various timetable options built around our current network in the area.

The one which works best operationally for FIRST is to divert the ‘fast’ 90 route via Summercourt. This service currently operates from Newquay via Quintrell Downs and Dairyland direct to the A30, then picks up the main route to Truro. It does not serve Trispen/St Erme village.

The intention on journeys to Truro would be to run to Summercourt traffic lights, first serving the stop at Beaconside, then turn right at the lights and head out via Chapel Town to rejoin the A30.

On journeys from Truro to Newquay, because of the exit arrangements off the A30 dual carriageway, the bus would slip off at the Summercourt turn, and then left over the bridge to the village traffic lights (allowing passengers to alight at Beaconside). It would then turn right at the lights, and head to Chapel Town where the bus would reverse near Clock Garage. It would then return to the lights, turn left, pick up as required at Beaconside, and then continue north on its journey to Newquay, via Dairyland and Quintrell Downs.

This service operates hourly in each direction, Mondays to Saturdays. We acknowledge that there is a limited peak time facility on the 90, and we will look to divert some service 93 journeys (these run via Fraddon) at these times.

I am presently working with Cornwall Council to finalise a revised timetable, though we do not anticipate provision of evening or Sunday journeys on these routes for Summercourt.

These changes need to be properly registered with the Traffic Commissioner, and it is anticipated the agreed changes will be introduced in early April 2016.

The Truro service described here would be additional to the two hourly St Austell-Summercourt-Newquay 25 service currently operated by us and financially supported by Cornwall Council, as well as the services provided by Summercourt Travel.

I have placed this information on a leaflet, which I have delivered around much of Summercourt today. There are some places still to do and I intend to be out again on Wednesday.

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