Wednesday, 18 March 2015

On the hustings

The election campaign is in full swing and I have already taken part in three hustings. The first was on the Newquay campus of Cornwall College on 3rd March, followed by a debate at the Keay Theatre in St Austell on Monday, which was hosted by the St Austell Chamber of Commerce.

The third debate was today, for over 120 pupils at Brannel School in St Stephen. This was also attended by Steve Double (Conservative), Steve Gilbert (Lib Dem) and Steve Slade (Green Party), Brendan Parkinson (Labour) on behalf of their candidate Deborah Hopkins, who was working, and Kernow King, who was described as a professional Cornishman. UKIP were not present.

I enjoyed all the debates, but it was wonderful to see so many engaged young people at Brannel. Four pupils gave outstanding presentations to start the proceedings and the questions were also of a very high calibre.

And I was really chuffed when Kernow King cheekily asked who the pupils would vote for in an election, and I found that I was the most popular choice.

Thank you St Stephen and Clay Country.

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