Sunday, 5 May 2013

Election comment from Bernard Deacon

The analysis of the 2013 Cornwall Council election results continue. One website well worth a visit is Bernard Deacon’s new blog at

There are statistics (see below) and also thoughtful comment from Dr Deacon.

Here’s the extract on MK’s performance.

"MK will be disappointed at its tally of seats. Its average vote share rose, revealing steady progress, and it seems to have weathered the Ukip storm quite well. In fact, MK came very close to a spectacular breakthrough. If just 140 voters in five wards had switched to MK, the party would have won nine seats rather than the four it ended up with and celebrations would have been widespread. As it is, a solid performance and an impressive manifesto provide a good base for expansion. The party must now look to ways of hoovering up those who will become increasingly disaffected by the London-orientated parties and the lack of an alternative to centralising neo-liberal policies."


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the tally of seats, but well done on raising the vote. Looks like there's a solid progressive bloc on Cornwall Council now anyway, especially with our first Green!

Regarding the maths (the 140 votes stat), it's incredibly frustrating. If around 30 voters had switched to the Greens in two more seats (or around 100 for 3) we would have ended up with 3 or 4 councillors (including an Independent Green).

It's figures like those that make me think an electoral pact between MK and the Greens would be a fantastic way forward. I hope it can be looked into for the next election :)

0427913 said...

A top rate performance in a second rate system. Bugle are stuck with a lib dem that 66% of people voted against.