Tuesday, 5 March 2013

“Mebyon Kernow – The Cornish UKIP?”

Nathan Hollow from the political lobbying and media relations company PLMR has today published an interesting blog entitled “Mebyon Kernow – The Cornish UKIP?” It is well worth a read.

Nathan is a Liberal Democrat who worked as intern in the parliamentary office of Andrew George MP.  He was also responsible for the strategic management of the AV referendum campaign across Cornwall for the Liberal Democrats.

It is not every day that someone refers me as a “charismatic leader who appeals to the masses” – thanks for that Nathan. He also notes that I have “been an outspoken critic of the unpopular Conservative-Independent coalition which runs the Council,” and he suggests that MK could pick up increased support because of disillusionment with the Westminster Coalition parties.


Zetetist said...

Here's hoping MK doesn't adopt Ukip policies. Their 2010 manifesto promised to cut 2 million public sector jobs, a flat income tax thus handing over even more dosh to the rich, privatisation of the NHS (oh, same as the other Westminster parties there then), increase spendung on defence by 40%, cuts in welfare, support for coal fired power stations but opposition to wind turbines and general climate change denial.

Chilling! Seems they're just a fourth neo-liberal party with a populist tinge.

Dick Cole said...

I think it is fair to say that MK policies have absolutely nothing in common with UKIP. I posted the article because I thought people would like to give it a read.