Tuesday, 6 November 2012

MK back "living wage"

Mebyon Kernow has backed the campaign by the Living Wage Foundation and Citizens UK for a “living wage” of, at least, £7.45 an hour.

This comes in Living Wage week and a member of MK has also challenged Cornwall Council to take a lead on the matter and ensure all staff receive at least the “living wage.”

In his statement, MK spokesman Robert Simmons said:

“Mebyon Kernow believes that work should pay for everyone and that the lowest earners in society deserve fair wage levels.

“At this time of rising living costs and stagnating wages, we welcome the Living Wage initiative which should help the low paid achieve a better quality of life.

“Cornwall Council employs over 1,500 staff that earn the civil service minimum of £6.30 per hour. This is well below the Living Wage of £7.45 per hour – the level needed for a basic standard of living. We believe this does not adequately reflect the hard work and dedication of those on the frontline of public services in Cornwall.”

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Michael Walker said...


Pleased MK supporting Living Wage hope MK can also support retention of the Agricultural Wages Board -

The Coalition want to axe this long standing framework for farm workers (and a benchmark for many more) pay

Please respond to Defra consultation

Responses should be sent to the following email address:
by 12 November 2012.

Or by post to:

Dermot McInerney
Area 8E, 9 Millbank
c/o 17, Smith Square
London SW1P 3JR

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