Sunday, 25 November 2012

Cllr Andrew Long at the MK Conference

Speaking at yesterday’s MK Conference, Cllr Andrew Long (Callington) hit out at the failed economic policies of the London-based political parties. He said:

“Time and time again, the London parties have betrayed the people of Cornwall.  They don’t know what makes Cornwall tick, and don’t understand the needs of its people.  Let me give you an example.  For the last twenty years, Cornwall has received funding from the European Union because of its poor economic growth and poverty. 

“Despite the promises of the Labour and now Con/Dem regimes, 20 years later and we are now one of the poorest members in the whole of the European Union.  And this includes Greece!

“The truth be told, the London parties don’t care about Cornwall.  They pay lip service to us, but in the cold light of day it is the political masters in Westminster who call the tune.  They see us as a sleepy backwater that has nice coasts and is an ideal place for their second ‘homes’!”

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