Thursday, 22 July 2010

A response from Bert Biscoe

This morning I have received an email from Bert Biscoe in response to yesterday's blog about his articles in the Western Morning News.

Dear Dick,

I have read your remarks. I apologise to Mebyon Kernow, which I have always known to be inclusive and outward-looking in both its principles and its activities. It was not my intention to imply anything negative about the Party, or indeed, any of the mainstream Parties and politicians at work in Cornwall. You are right that the quote might be taken to infer an allegation of exclusivity. It was clumsy of me.

I'm sure that you would agree, however, that there are self-proclaimed 'nationalists' and others (eg 'national liberationists!') who attempt to perpetrate a confused ideology of separatism, exclusivity and negativity, whose activities and statements often bring Cornwall and Cornish people into disrepute and undermine the principles and objectives which, in so many spheres, you and I and many others across the political spectrum share. I'm sure that you share my contempt for such views.

I would be happy if you care to print this statement in the blog. Unfortunately, it is too late to rectify it in the WMN but I have dispatched the above as a letter to the editor.

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