Tuesday, 13 July 2010

"Fair funding for Cornwall" motion

I can report that I have tabled a motion for debate at the next Full Council Meeting of Cornwall Council on Tuesday 27th July. The wording is as follows:

This Council:

Notes that hospitals, schools and vital public services in Cornwall receive less funding than other parts of the United Kingdom.

Notes that public sector cuts will have an especially adverse impact on Cornwall, if we continue to receive less than our fair share of government expenditure in the first instance.

Writes to the new Coalition Government to seek a Commission to investigate the full extent of the underfunding of Cornwall, similar to the recent Holtham Commission in Wales.

Agrees to produce a briefing document, outlining our broad concerns about the underfunding of Cornwall, which can also be forwarded to central government.

The motion is seconded by Cllr Stuart Cullimore (MK) and is also supported by Les Donnithorne (Liberal Democrat), Andrew Long (MK), Neil Plummer (Independent) and Terry Wilkins (Conservative).

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