Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Some more thanks

Over the last few days, it has been heartening to have received so many messages of support and encouragement from friends, party supporters and even people who had wanted to support MK but chose to vote tactically (more on that later).

I have spoken to MK members throughout Cornwall and they are upbeat and passionate about continuing our work for a better deal for Cornwall.

I have certainly been very upfront about the election and I have done nothing to hide my disappointment at my own result.

But as Loveday Jenkin has pointed out on behalf of MK, our members found considerable goodwill for our party and support for our policies – such as fair funding for Cornwall.

And though this did not materialise into a large increase in our vote, with many people voting ‘tactically,’ we will be taking many positives from the experience and building on the goodwill we have found.

I, for one, am already ready for the next campaign!

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