Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Leafletgate - the final postings

Over the length of the election campaign, I have received a number of leaflets from my political opponents. The vast majority were, once again, printed outside of Cornwall.

I have received an addressed mailing from the Lib Dems – it was printed in Bristol. My wife and I also received a direct mailing from the Lib Dems telling us, amongst other things, not to vote MK. This one was printed in London and was accompanied by a further risographed sheet.

Three leaflets arrived from the Tories. Two addressed mailings printed in Guildford and a newspaper hand-delivered to my home – this one was printed in Surrey. I was not pleased to see this newssheet, as my photograph was featured in it without permission.

My parents meanwhile received a further leaflet from the Tories that had been printed in St Austell.

For the other candidates, the Labour leaflet came from Essex, the BNP one from Nuneaton while the UKIP leaflet came from Bodmin!

MK election materials were meanwhile printed in Lostwithiel, St Austell and Falmouth. You can always trust us to support Cornish businesses.

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