Friday, 8 May 2009

A new future

It has been a busy few weeks and, as a result, I sadly neglected this blog for the last month or so.

To bring everyone back up-to-date, I have officially resigned my job as an archaeologist with Cornwall Council in order to stand for election to the Council. I have worked for Cornwall County Council for 14 years, but it is not permitted for employees of Councils to stand for election to the same Council that they work for.

It means a large drop in my income, but I felt I had no other option as we need MK councillors on the new Council who will speak up for Cornwall.

My colleagues at work were very kind and organised a wonderful send-off with gifts which included a wheelbarrow, a teddy bear (see right), a painting, an aerial photograph of some local china clay works and more. Their kind works were also much appreciated.

I have also agreed to become MK’s lead candidate in the Euro-elections, so that the people of Cornwall have the chance to vote for a political party 100% committed to Cornwall.

It is my promise that I will use my blog to give a regular commentary of the election campaign over the next 4 weeks.


Anonymous said...


In a political system that we can see is rotten to the core, you stand out as a beacon of light!

Your sacrifice is the complete opposite of what we are readign these last two days.

Chons da a gothman!

The Village Idiot said...

Keep it going Dick.