Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Election update

I am in sitting at my computer looking at the dreadful wet weather outside. It feels to me that I always need to be outside when it is raining and yet, when it is beautiful and sunny, there always seems to be so much going on that keeps me off the campaign trail.

That said, in my unitary election campaign, my main leaflet has been delivered to over 95% of the division and the response has been very positive. Later today, I hope to be out in some of the more rural parts of St Enoder Parish visiting a number of farms and hamlets.

I have not seen much of more election opponents, neither of whom live in the division – the Conservative is from Newquay and the Lib Dem comes from St Stephen.

For the European election, 272,200 election communications have been delivered throughout Cornwall by the Royal Mail. I remain very proud that the people of Cornwall will have the opportunity to vote for Cornwall on June 4th.

I have also been extremely busy trying to generate publicity forthis campaign. I have done interviews for Radio Gloucester, Radio Solent and Radio Cornwall, as well as BBC Spotlight, who I have been in discussions for a number of days in an attempt to get fair coverage for our campaign. Sadly, it is likely that our TV airtime will be negligible but, at least, we will be represented on a Radio Cornwall debate for the local elections tomorrow.

Radio 4 also interviewed me for a programme about the South West Euro-seat, but I had to travel all the way to Taunton for the interview. I just hope it will have been worth it.

More election updates soon.

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