Friday, 27 June 2008

Incinerator at St Dennis?

Mebyon Kernow has formally objected to the SITA planning application to construct a waste incinerator near St Dennis.

The objection covers a wide range of issues including the fact that a centralised waste strategy is inappropriate for Cornwall and that it is absurd to transport hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste to a single site from areas as far away as Bude, Saltash and St Just-in-Penwith.

The Party has pointed out that a large ‘waste hungry’ incinerator would be a retrograde step and would undermine efforts to radically reduce local waste and to re-use and recycle the local waste that is created. MK added that the massive 240,000 tonne annual capacity of the plant implies that SITA has little desire to actively promote waste minimisation.

MK has also expressed concern that incineration is not an environmentally friendly technology, that other methods of dealing with waste should be considered as alternatives and that it is not satisfied with the assurances given that the incinerator would not have a negative impact on health in the locality.

MK has also supported the objections made by local parish councils and hundreds of ordinary people in and around the China Clay Area and objected to the proposed location of the incinerator between St Dennis and Treviscoe.

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