Sunday, 1 June 2008

Cornwall at Twickenham

Along with many other Cornish people, I was away from Cornwall this weekend. I made the long trek to Twickenham to watch the County Shield final between Cornwall and Northumberland.

In spite of the 10.00 kick-off, there was a very good and noisy contingent from the Duchy. It was great to be part of such a wonderful display of Cornish identity and to see a large amount of black and gold on display.

Sadly, we were beaten 25-11 but the important thing is that we have been promoted back to the top tier of ‘county’ rugby and I am looking forward to next year’s games against Devon, Gloucestershire and Somerset. Well done lads!

As well as being a fervent rugby supporter, I am fully aware that a successful Cornish rugby team does wonders for local self-confidence and encourages people to promote and support Cornish causes.

The above photograph is the best that I could do. I left my camera at home and this came via my mobile phone.

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