Monday, 18 November 2019


It is just 25 days to polling day and I am standing as the Mebyon Kernow candidate in the St Austell and Newquay seat. It is my hope that local residents will vote for "Vote for Cornwall" on 12th December.

Cornwall has never been the ‘number one’ priority for Westminster political parties.

We have an economic performance that is only two-thirds of the UK average, and yet the Government prioritises richer areas such as London and the South East for support and investment.

It is also shameful that our hospitals, schools and vital services receive less funding than other parts of the United Kingdom, which means that our public servants are struggling to provide what our communities need and have a right to expect.

So often, Cornwall is simply not on the ‘radar’ of the political classes in London. We have been denied devolution and the Government is content to see us as little more than a small wider part of some wide South West set-up.

As the leaders of the largest Westminster parties criss-cross the UK in search of votes, please remember that Cornwall will not be to the forefront of their minds.

At this time, please look past the theatrics of the Westminster parties, which will dominate television screens and newsprint over the new few weeks. And in the St Austell and Newquay constituency, please use your vote to demand a better deal for Cornwall by voting for Mebyon Kernow.

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