Monday, 20 March 2017

Not on the Daily Politics!!!!!!!

Care-free Dick Cole is not a happy boy tonight.

At 10.00 this morning, I received an invitation to appear on BBC2’s Daily Politics Show to talk about the recent Council of Europe opinion. I drove to the BBC offices in Plymouth, arriving at 12.15, getting into the studio at around 12.30.

There was then an almighty cock-up. The camera that would normally be in the newsroom was not in place, so I was lined up to speak from the main studio. BBC Plymouth thought that I would be interviewed in advance of the studio being needed for Justin Leigh’s news headlines at 1.00. But BBC London had me down as the last item – and before they got to me, I was shifted out of my seat for the “local” news headlines and was unable to take part.

BBC Plymouth did record some film with me on the issue, in case they needed it in the future.

But all in all, what a wasted day.

I left home at about 11.00 to travel to Plymouth and, after apologetic phone calls and grabbing some dinner, I didn’t get back home until nearly 4.00. All that time … to not do an interview.

I have just seen the actual programme on iplayer and I am now really annoyed with how the panellists Eric Pickles and Caroline Flint handled the issue. Flint, in particular, was very disparaging towards MK, wanted to talk about Cornish independence and I was not there to respond!

The programme can be viewed at:
BBC Daily Politics

Looks like there will be yet more calls to the BBC tomorrow.


angleiron said...

That is typical. Let us not take this calmly. We need to go in force and demonstrate outside their studio. The days of polite messages are over. Good Cornish folk, take up the challenge.

Unknown said...

Is it right that as the leader of Cornwall's national party, you should be seen having to travel to England in order to give TV interviews? It doesn't send a good message about Cornwall's status, imagine if Leanne Wood had to travel to Bristol every time.

If the BBC doesn't even have facilities in Truro (which I know it has done in the past, at least), it would be a clear indication of the lack of importance it gives to hearing Cornwall's voice, and should be a huge point of protest for MK. I think you should refuse to do any more interviews from Plymouth.

Myghal Map Serpren said...

I am afraid that in the bigger scheme of things, Westminster, the BBC et al really don't give a hoot about MK, Cornwall or the Council of Europe. For years we have been told to behave and not speak out, toe the line, promised 'cream teas tomorrow' etc. Just where has that taken us? Down a cul de sac and watching Pickles and friends laughing about the Cornish anger me as it should any Cornish person or person of Cornwall. Ladies and gentlemen, in their eyes we are a joke. And I really no longer care what any power seeking Cornwall Councillors and their blessed portfolios say about me.

craig weatherhill said...

You, and Cornwall, demand the right to respond and speak for our own side in this. The BBC promise to be "balanced", so it's for them to put their money where their mouth is. Don't forget that even Cornwall Council - not known for using undiplomatic language - has accused the government, in writing, of discrimination in its conduct over the Council of Europe Opinion. The BBC allowed two people who know nothing of Cornwall to ridicule and trivialise the supposedly protected national minority, and no one was given the facility to respond. Outrageous! As I recall, Pickles had nothing to do with allowing funding for the language, surely that was Nick Raynsford? Nor did he have anything to with out FCPNM inclusion. That was Stephen Williams and Danny Alexander, both Lib-Dems, one Welsh, the other Scottish. But I do know what Pickles has been responsible down here under his watch.....52,500 houses and building all over green field sites!

MawKernewek said...

Don't forget the incinerator, which was rubber stamped by Pickles after it was originally turned down for planning permission.