Friday, 11 November 2016

Boundary Commission hearing at Truro – day two: A report

At Lys Kernow (“New County Hall”) in Truro today, a further twenty speakers appeared at the second day of the Boundary Commission hearing. All raised objections to the proposal for a cross-Tamar constituency.

The full list of speakers was as follows:

Angela Angove, Malcolm Brown, Eileen Carter, Lance Dyer, Zoe Fox, Ken George, Deborah Hopkins, Jane Howells, David Hughes, Juliet Johns, Angus Lamond, Charmian Larke, Rob Lawrence, Denzil Monk, Colin Retallick, Mr and Mrs Ronan, Craig Weatherhill, plus me (see my earlier blog entry for a copy of what I said).

Ken George gave his presentation entirely in Cornish which was translated into English by Mark Trevethan.

Once again the representations were extremely well-crafted and, over the two days of the hearing, it was reassuring that fifty people took the time to oppose Devonwall, while only three speakers (all Conservatives) failed to speak out against a cross-Tamar seat.

But there is so much more still to do, especially in terms of lobbying central government for an amendment to the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act.

Let's keep working on this campaign.


simmmo said...

Pity so few were in attendance so many at the Bridge!

angleiron said...

There were a lot overall, personally many would be like us, just bored to sit all day listening. We said our piece and that is what mattered.

Andy Quantick said...

Many of us who would have liked to have attended and spoke up were in work or sleeping off nights. A big thank you for all who did turn up though, your voices spoke for all of Cornwall

Rebecca Lawrance said...

Me and my family were at Polson , i was at County hall and i will be back .. the fight must go on .. join my page Devonwall protest in TRURO and help me continue the fight .. we cannot back down , we must defend our borders