Monday, 20 June 2016

New play area to be built in Indian Queens Recreation Ground

I am very pleased to be able to report that St Enoder Parish Council has given the go-ahead to the construction of a new play area in the Indian Queens Recreation Ground.

With the help of the Parish Clerk, Amanda Kendall, I submitted a grant application to the Cornwall SITA Trust for £35,000. The application has been successful, which means that all the funding is now in place for the Council to take the project forward.

The overall cost of the project will be more than £100,000 and the new play area will replace the somewhat out-dated facilities which are presently in the Recreation Ground.

The new scheme will contain a wonderful array of equipment of various sizes including climbing frames, slides, swings, a zip wire and much more, for children of a range of ages – as shown in the above picture.

The Parish Council has been working for a number of years to pull together a package of funding for this proposal, and we are grateful to everyone who is providing financial support, and we are very excited that construction of this new play area will soon be started.

As well as the monies from the Cornwall SITA Trust and the Parish Council’s own reserves, additional funding for the project has come from:

-  Sun Edison; who built a solar farm at Burthy near Fraddon. As part of their planning permission, the company agreed to provide a one-off community payment to St Enoder Parish Council to put towards improvements in the local area.

-  Kingsley Developers; who agreed to provide funding towards play equipment in St Enoder Parish (as part Section 106 agreements) in lieu of not providing small play areas on two of their developments within the locality.

The Chairman of St Enoder Parish Council, Michael Bunyan, has told the local media that the Parish Council is “very pleased with the new play area that we will be providing, and we are confident that the new facilities will become a magnet for local children and their families.” I am sure he is 100% right in this.

The timetable agreed by the Parish Council is for the existing play area to be removed in the latter part of June, the new play area will be constructed during the month of July and it will hopefully be finished in time for August.

In other news, the Parish Council has purchased part of a field to the south of Indian Queens Cemetery, in order to extend the burial ground. In the very near future, the Council will be starting the works to enclose the extension with a Cornish hedge, carry out associated landscaping works and provide a direct link to the existing cemetery.

The land has been purchased with monies obtained from the Public Loans Board, while the cost of the hedging and landscaping works will also be met out of the one-off community payment from Sun Edison, which has been mentioned above.


Mike Parkyn said...

It would be nice to see a good BMX skateboard area for the kids as they are having to travel to St.Dennis Summercourt Newquay and other parks to get decent rides.

El Warren said...

Well done Dick! This is fabulous news, thank you to you and your team for all your hard work. Brilliant!

Rice Krispie said...

Its great to update ..and looks amazing but whilst your applying much needed play equipment for the young your removing the skate ramps and basketball court????. Which do attract older children .. even my young boys loved the skate ramps.. this then leaves older children to vandalise younger areas as there is no focused area for them...

Dick Cole said...

Hi, We are not removing the skatepark and the basketball court - it took a lot of hard work to get them! The new play area will be on the site of the existing play area - between the Under-5s building and the skatepark. It will be the best of both worlds, with equipment for younger children and teenagers. Hope that clears up any confusion, all the best, Dick