Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Update on First bus services to and from Summercourt

Residents of Summercourt will recall that, last year, the managing director of First, Alex Carter, gave a commitment to reintroduce an hourly service between Truro and Summercourt.

He has confirmed that these new services to serve the village (Mondays to Saturdays) will officially be restarted on Monday 30th May, when the new timetables are introduced.
I understand that the 90 service will be diverted to serve the village throughout much of the day, while the 93 service will come through the village in the early morning and in the evening.

Though I am somewhat disappointed that it taken longer than I had hoped, I am nonetheless pleased that it will be happening soon.

I will circulate the new / revised timetable in the very near future.

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