Thursday, 4 February 2016

A response from the BBC Trust

Mebyon Kernow has received its first response from the "BBC" following our formal complaint about the lack of coverage during the 2015 General Election and in the period leading up to that election. The MK complaint letter was posted on this blog earlier this week.

The response is from the BBC Trust, it is not helpful and it is as below:

I’m afraid the Trust cannot currently engage in discussions around PEB allocation criteria or Election Guidelines post 2016 , as the future regulation of the BBC is a matter which is currently being reviewed by Sir David Clementine as part of the Charter renewal process.

The BBC uses published criteria that have been approved by the BBC Trust for allocating Party Election Broadcasts in respect of elections.

However, the criteria are developed by the BBC Executive Board (which is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the BBC) and implemented by them. The Trust has no role in this process. It is the governing body of the BBC and independent from the BBC Executive. The Trust is also the final appeal body in the BBC complaints process.

Therefore any discussions you hope to set up would have to be with the BBC. I understand you are currently in touch with them and hope this reaches a satisfactory outcome for you.

MK has yet to receive a response from the BBC itself.

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