Thursday, 29 October 2015

Central government police cuts will be disastrous

The news tonight is almost unbelievable.

According to a leaked internal staff briefing seen by the BBC, the Devon and Cornwall Police could lose around 1,300 members of staff over the next five years.

The document included a revised analysis of expected budget cuts which could lead to the axing of 760 police officers and the force’s 360 police community support officers.

This is all down to ridiculous central government cuts being forced through by an increasingly regressive Conservative Government. The reductions in funding have gone to far and will truly disastrous for Cornwall and strike at the heart of those key public services which aid our local communities.

It also highlights yet another broken Conservative promise.

Prior to coming power in 2010, they pledged that there would be “more police on the street, fighting crime and protecting local communities” – but they are now aiming to dismantle local policing, which is shameful.

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