Sunday, 3 May 2015

Latest media update

Media coverage of the General Election over the last few days included two features on the Radio 4 Today programme. The first was titled “Camborne and Reduth: Candidates hope to improve marginal’s future,” broadcast on 27th April. The second was titled “Cornwall: Isolation of the South West,” broadcast on 1st May.

Neither programme even mentioned Mebyon Kernow, which is just plain unacceptable.

In terms of the state-wide newspapers, the only mentions of MK seem to relate to the incident involving the Labour candidate Michael Foster.

Also unbelievably unacceptable.

I can report however that I have been contacted by ITV – after significant pressure from MK – who have agreed to film a short piece which, I understand, will be broadcast on Tuesday.

Such limited coverage is poor, but I will nonetheless try to make the best of it.

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