Thursday, 13 March 2014

MK is campaigning for a National Assembly for Cornwall – not independence!

It is my view that “Towards a National Assembly of Cornwall” clearly sets out the nature of the new democratic settlement that MK is campaigning for.

The document states that:

“Mebyon Kernow has a manifesto commitment to the creation of a legislative National Assembly of Cornwall, with powers broadly equivalent to the present Scottish Parliament, through a “Government of Cornwall Act” … [securing] democratic control over most areas of domestic politics in Cornwall, and associated public expenditure.”

The document further states that:

“The National Assembly of Cornwall would not be independent of the UK – it would be an integral and empowered part of the governance of the United Kingdom.”

I fully appreciate how important it is for campaigners to be careful and precise in the language that they use. And as the leader of MK, I consider myself extremely focused on making sure that MK press statements and publications, as well as speeches, are well crafted and not open to misinterpretation.

I am therefore increasingly saddened at how MK’s campaign for greater self-government for Cornwall is being continuously misrepresented as a thrust for complete independence,

Only last week, a local journalist posted an on-line story which implied MK wanted the same powers as an “independent Scotland.”

And today a news story about MK in the Scotsman referred to us as an “independence party” with a “goal of independence.”

I have also been informed that the latest edition of The Big Issue includes a feature on, what it describes as a “whole host of regional secessionist groups” and “micro-independence movements across the UK,” which includes Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall.

Is it really too much to ask that MK policy position is reported accurately?

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Fulub Hosking said...

Hello Dick,

I hope you and yours are well. In relation to your blog above I wonder if you ever write letters or correction/complaint to publications that misrepresent MK's views, and if so what responses you've had?