Thursday, 27 February 2014

My report to St Enoder Parish Council

At Tuesday’s meeting of St Enoder Parish Council, I tabled my latest monthly report. It covered the period from 25th January to 20th February. It was as follows:

1.         Council meetings

I have attended a range of meetings over the last month. These included: Devolution and Localism Portfolio Advisory Committee (PAC); Environment, Heritage and Planning PAC (plus an associated informal meeting and two associated pre-agenda briefings/meetings); Finance and Resources PAC; Homes and Communities PAC (plus an associated informal meeting); and planning training on design.

Topics covered in these meetings included planning policy, town frameworks for Bodmin and St Austell, affordable housing policy, and gypsy and traveller policy.

2.         Other meetings

I also attended a meeting of the Rural Sub-group of the Local Enterprise Partnership, the Executive of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Rural Partnership, and the CERC Liaison Group.

Local meetings included the Board of ClayTAWC (which I continue to chair), Indian Queens Band, the Annual General Meeting of the Indian Queens Pit Association, and the Governors of Summercourt Academy.

3.         Impact of the bad weather

Over the last month, Cornwall has continued to suffer significant coastal damage and flooding; with the most recent estimate placing the cost of the damage at around £22 million.

In St Enoder Parish, there have been continuing problems with the run-off of rainwater from local fields and rising spring water from saturated fieldscapes, and I have kept in regular contact with a number of local residents. I have also reported a number of concerns about road ditches and highway drains to Cornwall Council, which I am continuing to follow up.

A road bridge near Perrose has been undermined by the amount of water in the river beneath it. This road is presently closed and council officers have promised to keep me informed about their plans to repair the damage and reopen the road. 

The wind has also caused some local damage. A number of trees came down and a woman at Pedna Carne was hospitalised when a tree fell on her.

4.         Flooding problems; Property Level Protection (PLP)

As noted in my last monthly report – following my production of the report on the flooding incidents in St Enoder Parish in November/December 2012 and March 2013 – the unitary authority has commenced a new Property Level Protection (PLP) scheme across Cornwall.

Through this scheme, a number of domestic properties will be assessed to see what can be done to help safeguard homes against future flooding incidents. I am pleased to be able to confirm that nine properties in St Enoder Parish – seven in Fraddon and two in Chapel Town, Summercourt – were visited by surveyors on 4th February. I accompanied the surveyors for much of the day and I will report back further when I have been presented with their recommendations.

5.         Clay Country mobile library / one-stop-shop

Cornwall Council launched its 12-week consultation on the cessation of all mobile library and mobile one stop shop services on 4th February. I remain extremely disappointed that the Clay Country mobile library / one-stop-shop is under threat, and that the paperwork relating to the consultation on the mobile services does not even mention the Clay Bus. I am continuing to make representations about the inadequacies of the consultation within the Council.

6.         Youth Club

I have continued to liaise with the Cornwall Youth Service about the Youth Club. The Club reopened its doors at the Wesley Church Hall on 22nd January and met again on the 29th. The sessions on 5th and 12th February were cancelled because of the adverse weather conditions, and I erected signs at the venue in case anyone turned up. There was also no session on 19th February, because the staff traditionally take their leave during half-term.

I have further feedback from the youth workers about their experience of running the Youth Club from the Wesley Church Hall, which is presented elsewhere on the agenda for this meeting.

7.         Adoption of road at St James View, Fraddon

I am pleased to be able to report that Cornwall Council formally adopted the road and associated pavements in St James View, Fraddon, on 27th February.

8.         Patching at Highgate Roundabout, Indian Queens

Following complaints about the extremely poor condition of the road surface at Highgate Roundabout near Indian Queens, Cormac have carried out some temporary patching of the worst pot-holes. I can also report that resurfacing of the roundabout is timetabled for May.

9.         Appeal statement on proposed turbine at Nancolleth Farm   

As previously requested, I have completed a statement that was submitted to the Planning Inquiry (written representations) for the above application in the neighbouring parish of St Newlyn East.

10.       My Community Fund

I have allocated the £3,000 in my personal Community Fund for 2013-2014 (allocated to all Cornwall Councillors) as follows:

Fraddon Village Hall – £400 towards redecoration of the Hall.
Indian Queens Band – £450 towards new instruments.
Indian Queens Pantomine Society – £400 towards a projector.
St Enoder Parish Council – £1,000 towards the new Youth Club for local teenagers.
1st St Enoder Scouts – £450 towards new dining tents and cooking stoves.
Summercourt Memorial Hall – £300 towards new tables.         

11.       Newsletter

I am presently distributing my six-monthly newsletter (dated January / February), but it is taking a significant amount of time because of the bad weather.

12.       Inquiries

Throughout the last month, I have also helped numerous people with advice and guidance. Issues included planning matters, housing concerns, various enforcement matters and parking problems.

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