Thursday, 19 December 2013

New Cornish Nation magazine

Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall has just published its latest edition of  Cornish Nation magazine.

It features the launch of the White Paper on Scottish Independence, the by-election victory of Rhun Ap Iorwerth in Wales, the selection of MK’s first parliamentary candidate and much more.

Copies have been sent out to all MK members, but are also available on request from me on – as either a pdf or in hard copy.

1 comment: said...

Last time the Cornish failed, this time we cannot afford to fail, but heroic dreams of storming London's Wall or darker intentions to burn second homes will heap ridicule and failure on Kernow and damn us all to abject failure for eternity.

This time the battle must be multi faceted with those who are best at any particular thing sticking to what they do best.

Violence is not an option under any circumstances.

The Cornish language is gaining momentum and will be a key element in defining our distinctiveness but our dialect must never be forgotten either.

Cornwall is a priceless brand uniquely in common ownership it is priceless and must be jealously guarded at any cost.

Hence the recent short sharp exchange with Waitrose over the labelling of Cornish Sardines which fortunately enjoy protected status our industries must capitalise on this brand because it will create jobs and prosperity.

This was a battle that was won with fact based reasonable arguments that in the end could not be ignored by an initially arrogant organisation that mistakenly thought it could ignore Cornish people.

Education in the form of proper Cornish history must be introduced into Cornish Schools I am probably on of a tiny handful to have been taught it properly in primary school and it shaped my destiny by instilling my national pride into me in an indelible manner.

The Cornish must as an absolute priority put the planners and speculative developers who view Kernow as just another cash cow firmly back in their box.

Of course there must be development but growth must be organic not as is currently proposed a mad dash to ramp up our population with mass inward migration.

We are looking at peaceful determined attrition to shape our own collective futures in the way we see fit rather than as at present being dictated to by a trilogy of evil in the form of central government planners and developers acting in concert against Kernow's best long term interests.

The biggest danger being that by fair means or foul hotheads may be goaded into breaking ranks and wrecking what must be a programme of lusty evolution rather than entirely negative failed revolution yet again.