Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mebyon Kernow condemns Coalition spending plans

Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall has condemned today’s Spending Review announcement from the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition.

Deputy Leader and Economy spokesman Cllr Andrew Long has described George Osborne’s plan to implement a further £11.5 billion in cuts in 2015-2016 as “disastrous.”

Cllr Long said: “Mebyon Kernow opposes the austerity cuts of the Coalition. The economic policies of this government have failed and it is ordinary people – who did not cause the economic problems – who are suffering the consequences of the failure of the Westminster political class to properly regulate the financial markets and the irresponsible lending of the banks.

“The savage cuts of the Coalition are having a devastating impact on local communities and public services.

“This country needs investment in public services to kick-start the economy and create much-needed jobs – not more damaging cuts.”

Cllr Long, who represents Callington on Cornwall Council, has also branded further cuts to local government as “mindlessly destructive.”

“Central government has already cut funding to local government by a third. This means that the spending power of Cornwall Council will have fallen by a massive £546 million by 2015.

“George Osborne’s plan to slash a further 10% from the budget of Cornwall Council in 2015-2016 is ‘mindlessly destructive’ and will undermine the ability of the local authority to provide basic services.”

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