Thursday, 28 February 2013

Shameful Coalition politicking continues ...

Since the Council’s recent budget meeting, the shameful behaviour of Conservative and Liberal Democrat politicians has continued.

Today, I was in the St Austell office and spent time with a number of staff who were truly shell-shocked by the Coalition decision to slash budgets and cut jobs across the authority.

But the Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems Alex Folkes has had the audacity to spin the result of the vote in an offensive manner. Not only is he claiming that the Lib Dem / Tory budget “will actually boost jobs numbers, not cut them,”

But he is also accusing other councillors of “scare-mongering about where the axe will fall.”

Lib Dem MP Stephen Gilbert has expressed delight “that the Liberal Democrats … have succeeded in freezing our council tax, and investing in our services …  achieved by simply maintaining our council tax collection rates, cutting the council's spend on self-promotion, and reining in the wastage on external consultants.”

This is truly unbelievable and shameful nonsense from the Liberal Democrats, that bears no relation to reality.

In order to be balanced, I note that Conservative MP Sheryll Murray has tweeted an attack on MK, as follows:

“Very disappointed that MK are supporting an increase in Council Tax during these economic times. Shame.”

What is shameful is that the Conservative and Tory Coalition is slashing £546 million from Cornwall Council over a four-year period, while attempting to play politics over a modest council tax increase.

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