Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Two-faced MPs vote down boundary changes

MPs have voted to delay the redrawing of constituency boundaries until at least 2018. This is great news for Cornwall, as the “Devonwall” will not be created in advance of the next General Election.

The outcome was 334 votes to 292 to delay any changes.

I understand that Cornwall’s three Liberal Democrat MPs supported the delay, along with the whole of their parliamentary party. However it is a terrible shame that the Lib Dems only took this stance to spite their Coalition partners – after the vast majority has backed the process to create a Devonwall seat.

But unbelievably, Cornwall’s three Conservative MPs voted to push ahead with the boundary changes – which would have led to the inevitable creation of a cross-Tamar seat, which they pretended to campaign against.

I thought you might appreciate the above photograph from the Keep Cornwall Whole rally at Saltash, which featured Sheryll Murray (in the blue) campaigning against Devonwall. Today, she voted for Devonwall - shameful!

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