Friday, 28 September 2012

Planning Policy Panel votes no to 49,000 houses for Cornwall

At New County Hall today, the members of the Planning Policy Advisory Panel debated the content of Cornwall’s emerging Local Plan. The main debate focused on what Cornwall’s housing target should be for the period 2010-2030.

The report proposed a figure of 49,000. However, I had prepared an alternative proposal with the help of Cllr David Biggs for 38,000. In our submission, we used the same evidence as the officers; we argued that population projections based on the 2010 ONS figures were over-egged; we argued that household size projections were also problematic; and that the Council would be better served by focusing on the production of more robust policies to deliver increased amounts of affordable housing.

The Panel voted six votes to three to recommend to Cabinet that the target should be 38,000. There was one abstention.

I will blog again in a day or two about the meeting and the arguments we presented.


Bob Hayes said...

"Fight the good fight with all your might"! Good job Dick, though it must feel like constantly swimming upstream with this lot

Leo Penbloedh said...

Dick is one of "this lot"