Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hypocrisy and arrogance at the heart of the Coalition parties

Today the Prime Minister arrogantly stated that he plans to press ahead with proposed boundary changes to the House of Commons, in spite of the fact that the Liberal Democrats are poised to vote the changes down.

But what hypocrisy we have seen from Coalition politicians over the last couple days.

The Conservatives
Speaking in Wales, David “It’s the Tamar – not the Amazon for heaven’s sake” Cameron has been reported as saying that: "We want the boundary change vote to go ahead. I am going to be saying to every MP 'Look, the House of Commons ought to be smaller, it ought to be less expensive and we ought to have seats that are exactly the same size.' I think everyone should come forward and vote for that proposal because it is a very sensible proposal and it will be put forward."

But how can it be acceptable to (i) trash plans for a reduction in the number of unelected Lords, but (ii) to forge ahead with plans to reduce the number of MPs? What hypocrisy!

And here in Cornwall, Sheryll Murray MP who told the Saltash Keep Cornwall Whole Rally in October 2010: “We must fight the destruction of our historic border by the political map … we will fight on and on …” tweeted “I thought Lib Dems believed in fairness for all yet they don't now appear to agree with equal representation for all voters. Disappointing!" What hypocrisy!

The Liberal Democrats
Nick Clegg, who helped drive through the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill through the House of Commons, is also being branded a hypocrite because of this u-turn. Months ago, he made speech after speech arguing that the equalisation of constituency sizes was an important point of principle. But having voted through something that he and the Liberal Democrats “believed in,” he has told his party to vote down the changed constituencies, because they would benefit the Tories! What hypocrisy!

Meanwhile in Cornwall, Alex Folkes, the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats at the unitary authority, is already taunting Sheryll Murray MP via his blog, asking her: “Are you a secret supporter of Devonwall?”

But he seems to have forgotten that 95% of all Coalition MPs opposed an amendment to protect Cornwall and then two of Cornwall’s Lib Dem MPs voted for the Bill with the third bravely abstaining. What hypocrisy!

What double standards at the very heart of the Coalition parties.

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