Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Pasty Tax: Lib Dems cannot have it both ways!

Since the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition introduced plans for a Pasty Tax, local MPs have spoken out against the proposal. They have queued up to be photographed eating Cornwall’s national dish, and have made numerous statements lambasting this nonsensical proposal from their own Government.

But the Lib Dems have even had the nerve to blame the Conservatives for the proposal, which was also signed off by Lib Dems such as Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander. In the recent Truro City Council by-election, they even distributed literature stating: “Stop the Tories Taxing our Pasties” (see photograph to right).

However in Westminster, senior Liberal Democrats are standing firm with the Chancellor of the Exchequer in support of the Pasty Tax.

On last week’s Question Time, Liberal Democrat minister Sarah Teather contradicted the likes of Andrew George, Stephen Gilbert and Dan Rogerson. She said:

“You can have a situation where a large business is able to sell hot food without paying VAT and yet the family-run chippy down the road is having to pay VAT and that’s not fair. So what we are trying to do here is to just make a level playing field … it is just a straightforward, simple matter of a level playing field."

She then went on to claim that the Pasty Tax was geared to hit large businesses on the High Street, such as TESCO and Greggs, who were undercutting smaller family businesses.

It was a clueless response. Here in Cornwall, we know the realit. The Pasty Tax will adversely affect numerous pasty producers and retailers, from larger firms such as Rowes and Barnecuts, to smaller firms such as Berryman’s, the Chough Bakery, Philp’s Bakery, Ann Muller's Pasties, and well as local butchers.

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