Thursday, 29 March 2012

SHOCK (sarcasm): Cornwall Council welcomes Court of Appeal decision

I have not yet seen the actual ruling from the Appeal Court, but have just received a press statement from Cornwall Council. It reads as follows:

"Cornwall Council welcomes the decision by the Court of Appeal to grant the Secretary of State and SITA’s application in relation to planning permission for the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre.

"While we recognise that those who have campaigned against the Secretary of State’s decision to grant planning permission for the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre will be unhappy at this judgement, it will enable the Council to take action to tackle the waste crisis facing Cornwall.

"As a result of this judgement, which reinstates the planning permission originally granted by the Secretary of State, the Council will now be working with SITA to finalise the Revised Project Plan.

"A report setting out the next stages of the process will be submitted to the Council’s Cabinet."

I would question how Cornwall Council could welcome a decision to grant consent for an incinerator at St Dennis, which it spent a small fortune opposing at a Planning Inquiry? I could say more, but I guess I should be circumspect today.

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