Monday, 9 January 2012

Please make your views known on the Core Strategy

In last week’s Cornish Guardian, my column was critical of the failings of government and council consultations (“The concept of consultation has been undermined;” 4th January).

But this week, and with a little irony, I am seeking to encourage as many people as possible to respond to an extremely important consultation from Cornwall Council.

The Council is seeking views on a series of documents relating to future planning policies for Cornwall. This includes a “preferred approach” for its Core Strategy which, when finally agreed, will be the blueprint that will guide development between now and 2030.

As well as Cornwall-wide policies, booklets have been produced which illustrate potential options for each of the Council’s 19 community network areas, though the extent of detail does vary depending on the amount of local work that has been done.

A further booklet sets out specific options for energy, minerals and waste.

I have been heavily involved with the preparation of these documents, which were agreed by the Council’s ruling Cabinet at a meeting in October.

As the Chairman of the Planning Policy Panel, I encouraged local members to feed their views in for consideration but, like many others, there is much in the documents which I do not agree with.

For example, I do not support the proposal to build 48,000 new properties in Cornwall by 2030, which I consider to be too many. And personally, I disagree with the proposed approaches to waste management and eco-town developments, as well as the likely locations for large amounts of housing.

The consultation will last from 9th January until 2nd March 2012, and I think it is vitally important that local people tell the Council what they want for Cornwall as a whole and what they want for their own communities in particular.

There are numerous ways in which local residents can have a say and I hope thousands of people will give their views on housing, the environment, employment land, community facilities, leisure, retail and so much more.

The documents can be viewed online at, where there is an online consultation system, or in libraries and one stop shops, where feedback forms will be available.

A series of exhibitions will be held across Cornwall, which everyone is welcome to attend. You can also call 01872 224283 to request copies of the documents and feedback forms to be posted out to you.

Please have your say. No promises, but I pledge that I will do everything in my power to ensure that your views are listened to and taken into account by the Council as it finalises its Core Strategy.


cheekyman said...

Whilst the document does say 48,000 new homes to be built, it also says that (and I'm quoting from memory here, so excuse me if my figures are a little out) 12,000 of these homes had already either already been built or have had permission for them to be built grant (as of mid 2011).
So we're probably looking at around 30-36,000 new homes to be built (as of Jan 2012).

The document is extremely important to comment on as it does highlight Cornwall Councils inability to link up supposedly key council documents (such as the Bodmin AQMA plan) and it's dream for development.

Ross said...

The link is incorrect. Missing a "v".