Wednesday, 3 August 2011

How many new properties for Cornwall by 2030? Report to follow.

Tomorrow, I will chair a meeting of the Planning Policy Advisory Panel which will consider how many new properties should be built in Cornwall over the next twenty years.

Months ago, the Council consulted on a range of options – 38,000 (described as low), 48,000 (medium) and 57,000 (high). It also invited individuals and groups to offer their own alternatives.

Most written responses from Parish Councils and groups plumped for the low to medium options. COSERG suggested a much lower figure. Developers meanwhile mostly went for the high option and a number of them suggested even higher growth figures.

In the public consultation events, 29% of people went for the low option, 42.5% went for medium and 28.5% for high.

The recommendation from officers is 54,000.

I had thought to write a comprehensive piece in advance of the meeting but have decided to instead produce a detailed report after the meeting. At the moment I am working on statistics for household formation and, in particular, growth in smaller household sizes, which I intend to challenge tomorrow.

I have heard the councillors on the Panel express a range of views about housing numbers and I am honestly unsure of how the meeting will go tomorrow and what recommendation it will come to.

But I do know one thing and that is I will have a lot to say.

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Bob Hayes said...

Good for you Dick, reminds me of why we support you! ;-)Pat saw you on Spotlight earlier and I will be looking out later.