Saturday, 11 June 2011

Council Leader in St Dennis

The Working Men’s Club at St Dennis was packed out, this Friday, for the latest meeting in the incinerator saga.

Council Leader Alec Robertson came to the meeting, along with other Cabinet Members Julian German, Graeme Hicks and Mark Kaczmarek, as well as a host of officers – including the Head of Legal and part of the press team.

My good friend Fred Greenslade chaired the meeting and I made a statement on behalf of local councillors from the China Clay Area and local campaigners. I took the opportunity to argue that the Council should carefully review the Secretary of State’s decision with a view to challenging his ruling.

When he spoke, Alec Robertson had a very rocky ride and the packed hall was extremely disappointed by the content and tenor of many of his responses.

A retired Methodist Minister asked him to confirm that, after writing the infamous letter to Eric Pickles, he was indeed both a “turncoat” and a “hypocrite.”

Alec Robertson did confirm that he had no plans to sanction a review of the planning decision or to challenge it in any way.

We are awaiting a formal written response to this effect and will continue to argue our corner at that point.

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