Thursday, 6 January 2011

MK to celebrate its 60th

Today marked the 60th anniversary of the launch of Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall.

MK was founded on Saturday 6th January 1951 at the Oates Temperance Hotel in Redruth. There were thirteen people present at the meeting and a further six sent apologies. Helena Charles was elected the Party’s first Chairman, with Lambert Truran as Secretary and George Pawley White as Treasurer.

The seven original aims of the Party were also adopted at the Redruth meeting. These were:

1. To study local conditions and attempt to remedy any that may be prejudicial to the best interests of Cornwall by the creation of public opinion or other means.
2. To foster the Cornish Language and Literature.
3. To encourage the study of Cornish history from a Cornish point of view.
4. By self knowledge to further the acceptance of the idea of the Celtic character of Cornwall, one of the six Celtic Nations.
5. To publish pamphlets, broadsheets, articles and letters in the Press whenever possible, putting forward the foregoing aims.
6. To arrange concerts and entertainments with a Cornish-Celtic flavour through which these aims can be further advanced.
7. To cooperate with all societies concerned with preserving the character of Cornwall.

Mebyon Kernow certainly had an extremely strong focus on Cornish identity and culture, but it was also openly political. By September 1951, the Party had officially committed itself to Cornish self-government. The fourth aim was modified “to further the acceptance of the Celtic character of Cornwall and its right to self-government in domestic affairs in a Federated United Kingdom.”

To mark the anniversary, MK is producing a booklet containing many historic photographs, which will be published later this month. Details to follow soon.

There is also to be a celebratory party on Saturday 22nd January at the Lowenac Hotel in Camborne. Tickets are still available at £10 per head – further details from

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