Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Cllr Neil Plummer joins MK Group

Councillor Neil Plummer (Stithians) has left the Independent Group on Cornwall Council to “cross the floor” and join the Mebyon Kernow Group.

First elected in 1984, Neil has represented his local area for over 25 years on Cornwall County Council and now Cornwall Council. He has been a member of MK for many years, but has always preferred to stand for election as an individual and serve his area as an independent councillor.

I understand that he has found himself increasingly out-of-step with the Independent Group at County Hall. He now believes the Mebyon Kernow Group would be a better home for him and would leave him free to continue to vote independently.

I have known Neil for many years and I welcome his decision to join the MK Group. He is a proud Cornishman and an experienced councillor, who puts Cornwall and its people first. We look forward to working with him in the coming months and years.

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williaia said...

It’s great news that Neil Plummer is joining the MK group. With the slumping poll ratings of one half of the current coalition government at Westminster and the possibility that the other half may try and ditch any commitment to a referendum on a change to the voting system let's hope many more councillors will recognise that joining the MK group is the only alternative for getting the 'Cornish voice' heard.