Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Public Inquiry - Day 1

Today was the first day of the Public Inquiry into the proposal to build an incinerator at St Dennis. The eight-week Inquiry is kindly being held at Fraddon’s Kingsley Village, which means I can walk to and from the venue!

The morning session was taken up with the presentation of opening statements from Cornwall Council (whose predecessor authority refused the application) and SITA, as well as four Rule 6 Parties who are opposing the application.

I was there on behalf of objectors from the St Dennis, Treviscoe and surrounding areas, including St Dennis Anti-Incinerator Group (STIG) and St Dennis Parish Council.

I assisted our barrister, John Lloyd from Rougemont Chambers, Exeter, who delivered the opening statement that I had helped to co-write. This set out our approach to the Inquiry in the coming weeks, which included how we intend to demonstrate that the proposal is not in line with a wide range of planning policies, how we will support Cornwall Council’s eight reasons for refusal and show the unacceptable impact on the local community, the locality and its landscape. It was also noted how we would explore local concerns about health as well as the failute of the applicant to properly consult and engage with the local community.

The amount of evidence that will be presented by the different parties is truly daunting, but I will do my best to report back when I can.

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