Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Cllr Andrew Long

During the Allowances debate, my MK colleague Cllr Andrew Long (right) told the meeting that he would be resigning his job in order to be able to represent his home town of Callington as a full-time councillor.

As a single man, this means he will be living off his basic councillors’ allowance. Unlike me, he does not have a wife who works.

I am extremely proud that Andrew is a Mebyon Kernow councillor and I look forward to working even more closely with him in the coming months and years. While others may wish to play politics around the allowances issue, he is making a great personal sacrifice because of his commitment to win a better deal for Callington and Cornwall.

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Zen said...

If council officers commit criminal offences, is it best to cover them up to save ratepayers expense?

I ask, because a major Devon & Cornwall Police cover up is in place, over a Callington planning application approved 16 to nil, and refused by deceit.

Ask Jeremy Gist; he signed a private prosecution of the then Caradon solicitor for conspiracy - so he must have been 200 percent convinced the allegation was rock solid.

Yet both Caradon and D&CP say "No truth whatsoever!"

We are bringing a "POLICE LIES HARM US ALL" march ( Lands End to Middlemoor , Exeter ) to Callington, to show people the many jobs that would have been created at Target, and at The Burrows, both in South Hill Road.

Are you with us, or against us?

Best wishes, Zen