Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The first meeting at County Hall

The first full meeting of Cornwall Council has been held and Conservative Alec Robertson has been elected leader of the new authority. He will front up an administration made up of six Conservatives (including himself) and four independent councillors.

I am disappointed that, given no political grouping had overall control, it has not been possible to form an Executive made up of representatives of the three main groupings, namely the Conservatives (50), Liberal Democrats (38) and Independents (31).

It would have been so much better if the best talents from all the different groups had come together to work collectively for the betterment of Cornwall.

Sadly, this was not to be. The Liberal Democrats met immediately after the election and decided that they did not wish to participate in such an arrangement and resolved to go into what they have termed ‘constructive’ opposition. As a result of this, the Conservatives and Independents have decided not allow them to chair any committees and the Lib Dems have themselves decided to form a shadow cabinet.

There has been much reporting of the launch of the new administration and I think it is important we make the position of the MK group clear.

Obviously, we are not part of the Conservative/Independent Executive/administration, but at the same time we are not in opposition – constructive or otherwise. The three MK councillors (above) are committed to playing our part in making the new Council a success for the people of Cornwall. We will be working positively with anyone and everyone to do what we think is best for Cornwall and its communities.

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