Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The balloon went up today

This morning, along with local councillors Fred Greenslade (St Dennis) and John Wood (Roche), I went to St Dennis to see the balloon that was raised to show the height of the proposed incinerator (see right). Please note that we were being helpful and this is not its full height.

Once the balloon was raised to show the full 120m height of the proposed chimney, it was clear that this massive plant, if it was allowed to be built, would be a monster. It would dominate St Dennis and the surrounding area in a totally unacceptable way.

It is important that one and all continue to fight this terrible proposal and put pressure on the County Council’s planning committee to refuse the application.

Incineration is unacceptable and the plan to place such a facility at St Dennis must not be allowed to happen.

We have also responded to the local press and countered the coverage of the trip to see SITA's plant in Bordeaux in France. We trust that it will appear in the press in about a week's time.

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